Private shore excursions in an island paradise

Cruise into Cuba and experience the island magic!

You can now sail away to the most scintillating island in the Caribbean! Cruise to Cuba and discover this enchanting nation. Customize your cruising experience with our exclusive on shore excursions and inspired world-class service.

Step off the ship and embark on your very own private voyage and dive into the island culture. Whether you are looking to explore the port cities (Havana, Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba) or travel deeper inland, let us show you the amazing sites and incredible people of Cuba.



Cruise Travel Reviews*

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“I just wanted to say thank you for a great time in Havana. The guides were knowledgeable and well prepared. They brought their own experiences to us. We had no trouble communicating with them. The food was excellent. Everyone enjoyed the car tour. The Tropicana was a lot of fun. My Sister in-law was able to to find her uncle’s name on a plaque at the synagogue. This was a place we could not have gone to without your tour. I think everyone got something out of the adventure.”
— Todd R.

Shore Excursions

Tailored adventures for your individual travel needs

Bathe in the magic, experience cubaneo (Cuban hospitality), and immerse yourself in this historic destination.

Cuba is a country like no other.


- FAQ -

1.     Do you offer shore excursions to small groups such as couples and families?

Yes, we do cater to small groups and specialize in designing private custom experiences for groups of 1-100+. We do, however, have a $2,000 minimum booking size per group per day for our shore excursions. Smaller groups are encouraged to book multiple day tours in order to meet the minimum requirement.

2.    Can we book just one tour or excursion with you?

We do not offer one-off excursions and would not be able to extend our services to clients seeking single activities only. We specialize in providing full-day and multiple-day excursions generally lasting from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm or later.

3.    Do you offer transfers to and from the cruise ship dock?

Yes. We greet travelers at a designated meeting point next to the cruise ship dock.

4.    Do you offer excursions in cities outside of Havana?

At the moment, we offer excursions to groups of all sizes in Havana, considering the minimum booking size mentioned above. We also offer excursions to groups of 20+ outside of Havana in the cities of Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba.

5.   Are your shore excursions fully customizable?

Yes! Our shore excursion itineraries are fully customizable, and we are always happy to offer guidance on how travelers can maximize their time on the island.