Private Custom Journeys

We take care of everything. From the moment you land until the moment you leave.

The Royal Palm

— Luxury —

Private Custom Travel

From $3,519 per person

Dates: Anytime!

Group Size: Any size (1+)


  • Cuban tourist visa
  • Custom itinerary
  • Five-star accommodation
  • Exclusive activities
  • All meals

The Mariposa

— Classic —

Private Custom Travel

From $2,372 per person

Dates: Anytime!

Group Size: Any size (1+)


  • Custom itinerary
  • Four-star accommodation
  • Standard activities
  • ½ meals

The Colibrí

— Budget —

Private Travel

From $1,514 per person

Dates: Anytime!

Group Size: 8+ traveler minimum


  • Standard itinerary
  • Shared accommodation
  • Some activities
  • Breakfast only

Stroll down El Malecón in a convertible classic car, surrounded by architectural delights, with the wind and the crashing waves softly licking at your cheeks. Feel the rhythm and smell the salty air as you find yourself sampling rum and salsa dancing on a private rooftop terrace. Visit locals' homes and hear their stories. Digitally unplug. Personally connect. Let us take you behind the tourist façade and show you the beauty, the magic and the warmth of Cuba.

Your journey is carefully designed for you and yours, no other guests. Our itineraries are a mix of the best Cuba has to offer along with off-the-beaten path, special experiences that we have created to show you inspiring aspects of Cuban culture.

Travel any day of the week. Any time of year. You design & control your experience. We handle the rest.


Our Itineraries

Our passion is to design unforgettable, authentic and immersive experiences that will encourage you to let go, dive into the unknown and discover the world around you in ways you never imagined.

Here is a sampling of what we offer: