Authentic Cuba Travel For Families Of All Ages

In 2018, Cuba received the Excelencia Award for "Safest Country" to visit

An exotic, enigmatic and adventure-packed island in the sun, Cuba is an inviting and mesmerizing country, filled with 9 World Heritage sites, incredibly diverse and captivating landscapes, historical landmarks, a vibrant island culture and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Families find The Pearl of the Caribbean to be the perfect place when looking for an immersive experience that emphasizes quality time and cultural diversity. With so much history, unique and magical landscapes, captivating adventures and an incredibly welcoming island culture, this otherworldly destination is a perfect year-round getaway for the entire family.

A trip to Cuba highlights the things that truly matter in life: spending quality time with loved ones, laughing, exploring and making memories together. If you are seeking an authentic and culturally rich family experience, CUBA CANDELA is your answer.

Our private custom journeys may include such family friendly activities as exploring Old Havana, visiting local homes, family salsa lesson, cooking class, local baseball game, organic farm visit & vintage car excursion.



Family Travel Reviews*

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Perfect in every way. This is the ONLY way to experience Cuba. We travel extensively and this was one of our favorite trips.”
— Liz M.
15 family members just got back from our trip to Cuba. The food was excellent. Everyone got something out of the adventure.”
— Todd R.
Cuba was an amazing experience for the whole family. The transportation, meetings with the local people and families and the restaurants were excellent.”
— Sebastian M.

Family Journeys

All of our journeys may be tailored for traveling families

"CUBA CANDELA specializes in crafting curated, customized itineraries for families looking for a deeper cultural connection to the destination" — Travel Age West


From $5,999 per person


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Enjoy the comfort of our private properties. Together we'll select your home away from home based on your family's individual needs. Start the day in paradise with local breakfast favorites. Experience the warmth of genuine Cuban hospitality along with the quality service you expect from CUBA CANDELA.


- FAQ -

1.     Can I take my young children with me to Cuba?

Absolutely. We specialize in designing private custom trips for families and are experienced in planning trips for groups that include children ages 1-10+ years old. We carefully curate our child-friendly itineraries to ensure that both adults and their little ones can enjoy a stress-free and fun-filled vacation.

2.     Do you have kid-pricing available?

       Yes. We offer 10% off our standard pricing to all children of 10 years and under.

3.      Is it safe to take my family to Cuba?

Yes! Cuba was named the world’s safest destination for travelers at the 2018 International Tourism Fair in Madrid, Spain. 99% of 500 surveyed travelers who visited Cuba in 2017 and 2018 felt safe or very safe during their trip. Cuba is truly one of the safest and most welcoming destinations in the world.

4.     What are some important considerations when traveling with young children?

We advise travelers to keep in mind that they should plan to travel with all childcare necessities such as strollers, diapers, car seats, and baby food. Travelers should not plan to obtain these items while in Cuba as they will not be readily available.

         5.     If I have family in Cuba, can I plan a trip to visit them with CUBA CANDELA?

Yes. We plan family reunion trips in Cuba in compliance with the “Family Visits” U.S. travel license requirements. Explore the whole island!