Questions about Cuba Candela:

1. What accommodation do you provide?

Our travelers stay in the best private villas in Cuba. We have a curated selection of private homes that we work with on a regular basis. Our private homes range from four-star private apartments to five-star luxurious colonial mansions with beautiful art and antique furniture and full-staff. Our five-star properties are the Cuban dream from the 1920s. Our homes are totally private and all yours for the duration of your trip.

2. What kind of transportation do you provide?

We provide all transportation from the moment you land, until you the moment you leave (airport pick-ups, drop-offs and all transfers included) in an air-conditioned private car with a professional driver.

3. What do your hosts do?

Our hosts are more like a local friend showing you the secret local spots and are less like a tour guide. Your host will be with you for the entire trip.

4. What is included?

Take a look at our Journeys page.

5. How far in advance can I book?

When it comes to Cuba, the earlier you book, the better your experience! Top-notch accommodation is limited in Cuba, so booking early ensures that you get the best of what is available early.

Questions about Cuba:

1. Is travel to Cuba legal?

Let’s get things straight here. Travel to Cuba is fully legal! Tourism, on the other hand, is strictly prohibited. Your travel must fall into one of twelve (12) categories authorized by the US Treasury Department. If your purpose for travel falls into one of the categories, you are automatically approved to travel by general license. It may seem complicated, but when you travel with us, you don’t have to worry about any of the legal headaches. We are licensed to provide travel services to Cuba!

2. How do I certify that my travel is compliant?

Even the most seasoned travelers have a hard time interpreting the regulations. You are not alone! In order to ensure that your travel is compliant, you must have a full-time schedule of authorized activities in one of the twelve (12) approved categories and retain travel records proving compliance for five (5) years.

3. How can I get a visa to Cuba?

You can get the visa at your departure gate at the airport. Be sure you have enough time to purchase it before you board.

4. Is Cuba safe?

Yes! Cuba is one of the safest countries in the world to visit, and crimes against tourists are virtually unheard of. However, as you would anywhere in the world (including the United States), take sensible precautions and recognize that petty crime (such as pick-pocketing) can happen in Cuba if you are not vigilant.

5. When is the best time to go to Cuba?

We recommend traveling to Cuba between November-May for optimal weather as it tends to get hotter in the summer, but we run trips year-round!

6. Why is travel to Cuba more expensive than expected?

Cuba places a 10% penalty on the conversion of US dollars, in addition to a standard 3% foreign exchange fee. High transaction costs impact all travelers using US dollars.

7. Can I use my credit or debit card in Cuba?

US credit and debit cards do not yet work in Cuba. For now, cash is king! Bring enough to last for the duration of your stay.

8. Can I use Wi-Fi on my laptop and phone while in Cuba?

In short, yes, but internet in Cuba is very limited due to slow speeds and few modes of access. US carriers offer roaming at prohibitively expensive rates ($2+ per MB of data). Check with your service provider to confirm. We highly encourage our travelers to disconnect, be present, and enjoy the digital detox!

9. What can I bring back from Cuba?

Starting October 17, 2016, the prior limitations on the value of imports, including alcohol and tobacco products, has been removed! You may now legally bring back all the Cuban cigars and alcohol products you’d like without specific monetary limits, provided that they are for personal consumption and not for commercial resale.

10. Do I need health insurance coverage in Cuba?

The Cuban government requires all travelers to have valid health insurance while in Cuba. Your ticketing airline likely includes the cost of health insurance in your ticket (double check with your airline to confirm).