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We've traveled the world and there is no place like Cuba. Its roots remain in a simpler time, encapsulating memories of a bygone era. Cuba is the romance of Hemingway, the sounds of Afro-Caribbean music amidst decaying colonial grandeur, the smell of the ocean, tropical fruit, world-class tobacco and rum.

From the rooftops of Havana, the rhythm of El Malecón to the cascading waterfalls of Trinidad and the otherworldly magic of Viñales, the energy and natural beauty of Cuba capture the heart and mind.

Discover a dream that once seemed impossible,
holding the allure of the past, of the forbidden, of paradise lost.



CUBA CANDELA is a true travel aficionado specializing in handcrafted experiences. We cater to an international clientele seeking unique, personally curated and private journeys, throughout the beautiful and enigmatic island of Cuba.

Passionate about creating rich and meaningful cultural connections, CUBA CANDELA designs unforgettable, authentic and immersive experiences, that will encourage you to let go, dive into the unknown and discover the world around you in ways you never imagined.

Join us on your own private journey...


Client Reviews*

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By far the best trip I’ve ever been on. No exaggeration.
— Monica E.
The people-to-people interactions we had in Cuba helped to change our perspective not just on Cuba, but on our own lives.
— John H.
Everything was flawless from the initial contact to the end of our trip.
— Bridget C.

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Cuba is Calling...

You design and control your experience. We handle all the rest.

NOT group tours.



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