How to Travel to Cuba under New Trump Policy

June 24, 2017

Individual Travel to Cuba is Permitted

Nothing has changed for self-directed individuals that travel to Cuba and stay in private homes. Individual travelers will be authorized to travel to Cuba under the Support for the Cuban People general license. Further, there is no process or physical license required in advance of travel; the general license will be automatically authorized for travelers staying in private homes, such as those booked on AirBnB.

Senator Marco Rubio confirmed this on Twitter:


However, please keep in mind that a "full-time schedule" continues to be required for this general license, and it is intended to prevent travelers from excessive beach or recreation time in Cuba.

Group Tours to Cuba

Travelers who stay in private homes will not need to travel with a group tour to Cuba. Travelers that wish to stay in government hotels, such as the recently opened Manzana Kempinski, will need to travel with a tour company on a licensed people-to-people group tour.

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