Our Mission

CUBA CANDELA is a US company providing legal travel to Cuba through licensed people-to-people and other travel programs.

Our mission is Cubaneo, to make you feel siempre in casa ("always at home") as you find inspiring and purposeful experiences during your trip to Cuba. We seek to bring awareness to an incredible culture largely undiscovered by Americans, for the mutual benefit of Americans and Cubans.

We are passionate about optimizing experiences. We are on-the-ground travel hackers. We reduce the time, money and energy spent planning before you go and figuring out while you're there. So you can focus on what matters most: enjoying each and every moment of your trip.

In many ways, Cuban culture reflects the shifting priorities of American culture. We value experiences over things, cultivating new relationships and exploring the world. The new focus is on being present and enjoying the journey as much as the destination.

Enter Cuba—a country which has largely been denied material possessions, with a people so vibrant, warm and spontaneous, you can't help but live in the moment while you're there. Cuba is one of the safest countries on earth, providing a unique space for enriching interactions with locals.

What does CANDELA mean?

In Cuba, candela can take many meanings, depending on tone and context. Candela can quite simply be used as an affectionate greeting, something similar to "Hi, sweetheart". Or it can refer to a particularly tasty plate of food. It can be an expression of wonder and awe, and it can be used to describe someone who is energetic, decisive, bold, or ambitious.

But we like to think of candela in the more literal sense—as a candle, a source of illumination bringing awareness to an island largely undiscovered by Americans, along with the warm welcomes unique to the Cuban people.

CUBA CANDELA seeks to shed light on Cuba by connecting Americans and Cubans through licensed people-to-people travel programs to Cuba, sparking a cultural connection long overdue.