Seen and Heard

By Our Travelers


"I was really taken aback by how friendly and welcoming everyone was!"


"I loved the country, people and culture."


"Cuba is an amazing, beautiful and welcoming country."


"Cubans are very honest, smart, and with strong values."


"Salsa is a reflection of Cuba’s soul – and it is a happy soul."


"Extremely fun engaging experience."


"A M A Z I N G. Would recommend everyone go to Cuba ... I am so grateful for the experience."


"Cuban people are really open and easy to talk to."


"Everyone was super friendly and Cuba felt extremely safe."


"I loved embracing myself in their culture and learning more about their unique way of life."


"My tour guide was amazing. Honestly I can't say enough good things about her."


"We were allowed to step into a few living rooms and people were VERY proud to share their lives and accomplishments with us. It was truly amazing:)"


"I found Cuba to be beautiful and endlessly fascinating."


"Cuba is a wonderful country with incredible potential."


"The Cuban people were friendly, humble, hard working and very welcoming."


"Incredible. The country is fantastic."


"Cuba Candela was an awesome way to experience a country that is otherwise largely inaccessible."


"I loved the walking tour, driving tour in old cars, and the salsa dancing."


"Cuba is an amazing country and culture."


"When asked where we were from and upon hearing our response, 'USA', the doors opened even wider."


"Beautiful country, wonderful people."


"Cuba is an amazing, beautiful and welcoming country."