Travel to Cuba is Complicated

We make it easy.


Cuba is one of the most inspiring countries on the planet…if you know where to look. It’s also one of the hardest in the world to navigate—a destination not to be taken lightly and one that requires precision planning with every single detail. Too many travelers get trapped in Disneyworld down here, ambling through the old city with the tourist throngs. It’s truly a shame because they are missing the opportunity to experience life changing moments, on every corner! We provide the logistical framework that allows our travelers to engage with their surroundings AND immerse themselves in the special experiences we’ve designed to showcase the most inspiring aspects of Cuban culture. You won’t regret booking with us. We GUARANTEE it. On the other hand, you WILL regret doing Cuba the wrong way. We hear it time and time again.
— Chad Olin, Founder CUBA CANDELA

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