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  • Wow! Cuba is an amazing country! Beautiful scenery, wonderful & warm people in an energetic and vibrant culture found nowhere else. I want to give a HUGE thank you to Chad & Cuba Candela for making this unique experience possible. I had the trip of a lifetime. I definitely recommend others to book their adventure through Cuba Candela. You will not be disappointed!
    — Kelly J. (New York City)
    Outstanding and easy way to access a country previously closed. Good value. An outstanding group of students from other schools to share the experience with.
    — Harvard Medical School student
  • Going to Cuba with Cuba Candela was an amazing experience. We drove vintage cars through Havana, danced salsa, and enjoyed a beautiful Caribbean beach. It was everything we could have hoped for and more — truly one of the best Spring Breaks I’ve ever had.
    — Jeremy S. (Harvard Law School)
    Cuba is a beautifully contradictory country. The Cuba Candela team made sure that we had a comprehensive experience - we attended talks on politics and health, went to the beach, shopped, and saw all the major sights. It’s an experience I’ll remember forever!
    — Shivanee S. (Harvard Graduate School of Education)
  • It was incredible to be able to see Cuba while it was still relatively closed off to Americans. I really cherished the opportunity to learn about their economy and culture from the Cuban perspective, and the people were so warm and friendly.
    — Archana S. (Harvard College)
    Dear Chad, I am writing to thank you for a wonderful experience in Cuba, thank you for opening my eyes to the Caribbean! I will certainly make multiple voyages back!
    — Harvard Kennedy School student
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Cuba, thanks to the work of Chad and the Cuba Candela team. We had a great mix of informative sessions regarding the state of the country and sightseeing at historic locations, with plenty of opportunities to explore the local nightlife mixed in. I considered every minute well worth the time and money invested.
    — Andrew S. (Harvard Graduate School of Education)
    Extremely fun engaging experience. Though we had to go on group tour (which I’m not really a fan of when I visit a foreign country) the tours were interesting and engaging, plus we had plenty of free time for us to go explore the city by ourselves so it was great to learn history though a tour and through the locals. Cuban people are really open and easy to talk to.
    — Alex H. (Harvard College)
  • Going to Cuba is an important life experience. Even when the world impact of the internal changes of Cuba will not be as big as those from the USSR, East Germany or China, Cuba’s current and possibly future reforms are a live laboratory to prove many theories and hypothesis. Anyone interested in government, business, law, education or any other aspects of civilization should find Cuba’s current situation a great place to think about our current state of affairs, where our institutions come from and how important they are. Cuba is also fun, beautiful and exotic. Like all secretive places it is not easy to navigate. CUBA CANDELA proved to be key for the objectives of my trip.
    — Roberto Charvel, Harvard Business School Professor
  • I had an incredible spring break trip in Havana and Varadero as part of Cuba Candela’s inaugural student trip to Cuba. I had a wonderful time and would recommend their service to others looking to visit Cuba and not worry about any legal restrictions or any of the planning. Cuba Candela put together a wonderful itinerary including visiting Old Havana, a Cuban cigar factory, the presidential palace, the home of Ernest Hemingway, farm-to-table meals at local Cuban farms and in the homes of local artists, driving in classic cars, as well as many other great activities. Cuba Candela works with a local tourist agency on the ground and our guide was funny, knowledgeable and a great guide to the city. While in Cuba, be sure to drink many wonderful mojitos and get out at night to the awesome salsa clubs. I found the locals to be very friendly and welcoming and I was happy to visit at such an interesting and important time in US-Cuba relations.
    — Sara G. (Harvard Business School)
  • CUBA CANDELA provided the spring break experience of a life-time. While relationships with the US are improving and the country is becoming easier to visit – it is still far from absent of troubles to book and plan individually. CUBA CANDELA abstracted away any of these cumbersome complications and provided such a streamed line and holistic experience of the country, it was a true cultural immersion and a huge amount of fun! Our itinerary covered sights and events in both Havana and Varadero (beautiful beach town). We explored around old Havana, drove in classic cars, visited their cigar factory, toured Ernest Hemingway’s property, had lunch at an unbelievable finca and the list goes on. Make sure to try a few (or more) authentic mojitos and soak in some sun, buy a painting or two, and chat with the locals! The last part was fascinating as the locals were very open to talk about anything from personal life to politics and I found them very welcoming to the improving relations between our two countries. This is truly a unique time to visit Cuba and I am incredibly happy to have traveled with CUBA CANDELA.
    — Brandon R. (Harvard Business School)

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Cuba is one of the most inspiring countries on the planet…if you know where to look. It’s also one of the hardest in the world to navigate—a destination not to be taken lightly and one that requires precision planning with every single detail. Too many travelers get trapped in Disneyworld down here, ambling through the old city with the tourist throngs. It’s truly a shame because they are missing the opportunity to experience life changing moments, on every corner! We provide the logistical framework that allows our travelers to engage with their surroundings AND immerse themselves in the special experiences we’ve designed to showcase the most inspiring aspects of Cuban culture. You won’t regret booking with us. We GUARANTEE it. On the other hand, you WILL regret doing Cuba the wrong way. We hear it time and time again.
— Chad Olin, Founder CUBA CANDELA

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